WhistleBlower - Block Chain Based Web Application

Whistleblower is an individual who, without authorization, reveals private or classified information about an organisation, usually related to wrongdoing or misconduct. Whistleblowers generally states that such actions are motivated by a commitment to the public interest.


Whistleblowing often causes significant disruption within an organisation. In one way or another, the organisation is likely to lose control of its affairs as it is subjected to external inquiries and constraints. Indeed, it may find itself crippled, and many within it who are little more than innocent bystanders may also suffer.


The whistleblowing can sometime be justified does not imply either a moral or a legal obligation to act. For one thing, failure to go public is an act of omission rather than of commission, and there is considerable philosophical debate about the moral imperative to act in order to prevent harm.

Legal Protections

Because whistleblowers are possible victims of retaliatory behaviour, many jurisdiction have enacted whistleblower-protection acts. Such acts, however, have generally provided inadequate protection, because retaliatory behaviour may be successfully disguised as something else, and even justifiable criticism of the employee may be seen as retaliatory.