Foolproof your Employee SpeakUp

World's 1st Blockchain Whistleblower

  • Anonymously Reporting any Malpractices.
  • Unique Tip ID generates to track and report progess .
  • Online chatting with the blower for further evidence and proof.
  • Blockchain backend enables transparent investigation.

Key Features of Blockchain based whistleblowe

  • Anonymity - Maintains the confidentiality of the identity.
  • Immutability - Informations being passed through the whistleblower platform cannot be altered.
  • Transparency - Blockchain features immutable ledger hence providing tranparancy to the users
  • Trust - Provides sensitive information validating the paper-trail and ensuring trustworthy results.

NixWhistle - Non Retaliation, Anonymity and Reward

Whistleblower No Retaliation Policy describes our provision towards employees who blow whistle for the harmful, discriminatory or unethical behaviors of other employees in an organisation. Whether accusation are true or false, NixWhistle wants to prevent victimization and other retaliatory behavior towards the employee. The product's feature ensures that employees aren't afraid to speak up about any issues. The rewards section encourages employees to speakup.

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Partners in Awesomeness

FixNix is one of the venerate collaborator with R3 Blockchain.
R3 is an enterprise software company working with a wide variety of financial services companies to develop the Corda Network, a Distributed Ledger platform for financial services.

R3 is developing a proprietary Distributed Ledger known as Corda. It is designed to work with existing financial services and regulatory frameworks and to develop a standard for financial institution to develop a shared ledger of transactions and records. NixWhistle is available in the Corda marketplace for trial. Visit the Corda Marketplace here


IBM opened its Cognitive-Driven GRC portfolio. This platform provides core services and functional components that span operational risk, policy and compliance, financial controls management, IT governance and internal audit. It delivers on the clear and present need in the marketplace for an integrated end-to-end solution that enables organisations to connect internal GRC policies and practices to the external regulatory environment. FixNix proudly announces its partnership with IBM.